The emergency room updating firmware d link

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Prior to upgrading, I tried almost every different firewall configuration and nothing worked. EASY TO SET UP The D-Link Quick Router Setup Wizard quickly configures your new Wireless N 300 Router to get you up and running in minutes.

To install dd-wrt on a D-Link DIR-615 Revision D3, you can flash it directly from the router's web admin page (yes, that is correct... These are the steps to follow: If you forget the username or password, or if the configuration becomes really messed up, you can always clear all the non-volitile parameters by doing a 'factory reset'.There may be new firmware for your DIR-615 to improve functionality and performance.Click here to check for an upgrade on our support site.Please post exact model number (there are several hardware revisions for DIR-615). The conventional upgrade method didn't work so I had to use the 'emergency room' method. The auto check says it is already up-to-date but according the the DLink website, there are a few more revisions available.I suggest starting with these settings: DMZ disabled, SPI disabled, ALG disabled. Power up modem, wait for it to come ready, then router, then ATA. I used the instructions found at:-» ··· =13599.0Thanks again. This is a well known problem with this router and firmware version (and a few prior releases).

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