Is kim richards dating

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From the book: Immediately after her separation from Davis, Kim dated a bad egg, a twenty-nine-year-old securities broker and high roller with a house in Malibu.

John Collett was a central figure in one of the country’s largest scams, involving eight thousand elderly investors and nearly 0 million in losses.

Rinna was annoyed that Kim had once 'insinuated' that Rinna's husband Harry Hamlin was up to no good.'That hurt my family,' she frowned.

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Her family had suffered from months of Rinna’s unending allegations of drug and alcohol abuse.

He was under investigation on suspicion of illegally selling partnerships in oil and gas leases.

A former stereo salesman, Collett was talking to Kim on a phone outside of Brent’s Deli, in the San Fernando Valley community of Northridge, during lunchtime on October 28, 1991, when, as Jackson put it, “someone walked up yo him and popped a cap in his head.” Moments later Kim called the deli asking, “Have you seen my boyfriend, John Collett?

He’s a nice-looking guy.” Collet had been shot twice in the head at point-blank range by a hit man who had been paid ,000 to bump him off.

Marva De Carlo Johnson pleaded guilty to the shooting in March of 1993 and was sentenced to 30 years to life in state prison.

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