Imagine you are dating with harry styles Cam fducking on skype

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I through him an mockingly annoyed look, “Harry, in your last interview you got your photo out and showed everyone a photo of me sleeping! I mean, you’re going to be in Europe and America for a lot of the year so that must be hard?”——————“And I imagine you’ll be going on tour with this album? ”“It can get tough but we’ve always got each other and we’re so supportive so that helps massively,” I awed at Jade.“Y/N, Perrie.You opened it up to the main article where it talked about him having a mysterious girlfriend. There’s even some pictures of you and her,” you smiled and showed him.You giggled, knowing that it was about you since you hadn’t exactly gone public yet. Sure enough there was a picture of you two from last week when you went out to supper and the week before of when you took a walk around town and to the park. ” Harry asked you, smiling from ear to ear practically, showing off his dimples.So when you couldn’t go out because you had a Skype date, you just had to sound like a sleepy Debby downer.

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Second point: can you do an imagine where Harry is your teacher (he's like 25), you're one of his students and you two have a relationship, but have to keep it a secret? “This is getting kind of ridiculous don’t you think? Although if word got out it would end up leaving Harry jobless and you marked for life as the “teacher’s girlfriend/student” but Harry was worth it in your eyes.

Whenever he was asked about you he would say, “she’s a great girl” or, “she’s something else.” When they straight up asked he would say, “I wouldn’t say that.” Clever you thought and appreciated that he tried his best to not lie.

The hardest part of it all was that you couldn’t tell anyone.

I stood up, pulling the hem of my midi skirt down as I did so.

Making my way through the living room I switched the record player off to stop our third album playing.

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