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There were dozens of times our marriage might not have happened.

Like the time my well-meaning cousin told me that no family of my husband’s class would accept him having a black women raised by country Texas folks with an out-of-wedlock daughter.

We broke up three times, and got back together three times.

“When the Viennese government compiled a Catalogue of Forbidden Books in 1765, so many Austrians used it as a reading guide that the Hapsburg censors were forced to include the Catalogue itself as a forbidden book.” ― Craig Nelson, “Trinity’s witnesses responded just as those to Apollo 11 would, as J.

Three martinis later you get the courage to go over to him. It’s easy to start thinking there’s something wrong with you.

Craig Nelson has been a vice president and executive editor of Harper & Row, Hyperion, Random House, and Villard, and a literary agent.

Then you end up using a cheesy pick-up line which brings on the rejection you feared. ” These are instant rapport crushers that make conversations awkward and veer you straight to the dreaded Friend Zone. I’m going to show you how to meet gay men easily, without fear of rejection.

Kraft comes out to support Pride month ;) Please register your business on our Gay Friendly Market, we want others to know about you too!

It’s been a wild ride, but I can’t help but poke my tongue out and thumb my nose at some of the folks at my wedding who thought we wouldn’t last 10 months.

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1996, January * Pink Triangle Community Calendar This issue of the revived Pink Triangle Community Calendar consisted of 4 pages.

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