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A 16-year-old Norwegian girl has been fined and issued a two-month suspended jail sentence for filming two 17-year-olds having sex at a party and then posting her video on the social media service Snapchat.It’s one of the first such cases to go to court in Norway.

The incident occurred at a private party in Sandefjord in December.Part of their strength is that they built up a certain system of blackmailing.They are women so I’m not going to use certain words, I’m not going to say certain things.'My client was entrapped by a sexual scam,' Martin said at a press conference.'This teacher saw him, preyed upon him and when she realized he was close to revealing her criminality, she sought efforts to conceal it by offering my client cash payments.'After administrators heard about the allegations, they made a report to the Department of Human Resources and the State Department of Education.

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