Consolidating program

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You must ask your financial institution for a loan equal to the amount of your total outstanding debts that are currently due.

In most cases, the financial institution will settle all the debts for you and, in return, the only monthly payment you will have to make will be to them.

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As part of the process, you’ll need to provide details about your existing federal student loans, and choose a federal loan servicer and repayment plan for your new consolidation loan.

You have to complete the application in a single session, so do your research before you start. You can consolidate all your federal loans or just some of them.

Consolidating your federal loans through the Department of Education is free; steer clear of companies that charge fees to consolidate them for you.

When you consolidate federal loans, your new fixed interest rate will be the weighted average of your previous rates, rounded up to the next ⅛ of 1%.

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