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However, the fees we charge do not fully cover our outgoings and without donations we could not be able to continue this apostolate.

Makes sense since you assign the IDs and the JPA container has no idea where you got that from.

My Entity e = new My Entity(); // scenario 1 // tran starts em.persist(e); Some Field(some Value); // tran ends, and the row for some Field is updated in the database // scenario 2 // tran starts e = new My Entity(); em.merge(e); Some Field(another Value); // tran ends but the row for some Field is not updated in the database // (you made the changes *after* merging) // scenario 3 // tran starts e = new My Entity(); My Entity e2 = em.merge(e); e2Some Field(another Value); // tran ends and the row for some Field is updated // (the changes were made to e2, not e) @dma_k: Looks like you're using Hibernate.

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But the modern equivalent – Catholic dating websites – are producing happily-ever-afters for Catholics. What are the odds of meeting a devout Catholic at a friend’s birthday drinks in central London?Enable all true lovers to bring out the best in each other.Let them love each other in God and God in each other. Saint Anthony of Padua is most well known across the world as the patron saint of finding lost things or lost people.Good sacramental Catholic marriages are the gold standard, and can bring a lifetime of happiness and grace.We at the Catholic Unattached Directory are committed 24/7 to forming good Catholic marriages.

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